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Every Brand Needs a Story

>>   What’s Yours?

In our over communicated world with nanosecond attention spans, every brand needs a story.
A story that instantly conveys what your company is all about.  A story that breaks through all the chatter to command attention.  A story that draws people in and leads customers to buy.

What’s the State of Your Brand Story?

Is your story as clear and concise as it needs to be?  Does it capture the essence of what you’re all about in just a few words?  Do your prospects instantly understand the value you deliver and engage in deeper conversations?  Or does it take forever for them to “get it” while you suffer the frustration of a slow sales cycle?

Is your story perhaps a tad complicated?  Is it filled with technical jargon that executives shy away from?  Maybe it doesn’t make much sense without the secret decoder ring.  It’s a very common scenario, especially for companies that solve complex problems for their customers.

The Complex Made Clear

If you’re mired in complexity, Identicor can help.  We specialize in transforming complicated explanations into concise and engaging prose.  We create brand stories that are simple, powerful and enticingly clear.  Stories that are easy to grasp while still remaining true to the science.  Stories that speed understanding and prompt prospects to buy.

Identicor crafts compelling brand stories for B2B companies in complex areas of enterprise.  Over the past 20 years Identicor has served clients in dozens of sectors including software development, engineering, medical research and industrial services.

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Story?

Is it time for clarity?  Do you want to elevate your company’s image?  And make it easier to sell your products, services and solutions?

Call Identicor today to start the conversation.  We look forward to being of assistance.

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