Inspiring & Insightful Seminars

For corporate and association meeting planners who want to thrill their audiences with inspiring and insightful learning experiences, Identicor presents entertaining keynote speeches and content-rich seminars on marketing and branding.

Identicor presentations are filled with real life examples and a few creative twists to make the content fun and memorable. Audience members learn and have fun at the same time.

Master Presenter - Roger Grant

The keynotes and seminars are presented by Identicor President and Chief Brand Strategist Roger Grant. Roger is an engaging and talented presenter. He excels at taking complex ideas and translating them into clear, easy to understand concepts. A national member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, Roger provides insight for practical action.

Presentation Topics

The Branding Essentials for Every Business
Brand Building has become a vital business discipline. It is unquestionably the most powerful approach to marketing. In a keynote or seminar format, this presentation explains how any size of business can take advantage of Fortune 500 branding strategies. It's powerful content to help businesses escape from the price-obsessed commodity zone and command their true market value.

The Power Of Your Identity - How To Create & Harness Your Own Personal Brand
Branding isn't just for gigantic corporations. At the personal level, branding increases focus and instills a new level purpose in our professional and personal lives. The Power of Your Identity, in keynote or seminar form, is an ideal presentation for companies who want to enlist the personal brands of their employees in serving customers, as well as for entrepreneurs who want to gain a higher profile in their marketplace.

The Great Name Quest - Street Smart Guidance for Naming Companies & Products
This entertaining and informative keynote provides expert insight into the often daunting task of naming. The presentation outlines a proven process to create and select new company and product names. It's chock-full of examples of successful naming approaches and "comedy of error" cases that are sure to delight all audience members. It's a presentation that gets people thinking, laughing and talking.