Words that Work in Selling Technology


How to Talk So Customers Will “Get it” and Buy it


A Lunch & Learn Seminar
by Roger Grant
Presented by Tecterra

Thursday May 31 - 11:45-1:00 pm
At The Nucleus - 2nd Floor
100 6 Ave SW Calgary

A Big Challenge for Tech Firms

One of the biggest challenges in turning a new innovation into a revenue-generating product is getting customers to understand what it is and why they should buy.  Customers have to “get it” before they will buy it.

In theory this should be easy.  But the reality is, it’s extremely difficult, especially for firms that have conquered huge technical challenges.  When it comes time to introduce a new product, tech firms often baffle their customers with a deep dive into technical details.

Do Your Messages Clash with the Way the Mind Works?

Typical technology sales pitches are confusing and complex.  They’re filled with messages that clash with the way the mind works.  They lead customers into a state of confusion rather than along the path to buy.  And the sales cycle turns into a fruitless marathon of frustration.

Make Your Messages Appealing, Memorable and Repeatable

But it doesn’t have to be this way.  By replacing unfathomable tech talk with brain-friendly messages your presentations will become approachable and appealing.  You’ll gain customer attention and clearly explain why they should buy.

You’ll cut through the noise and command attention.  You’ll become far more effective in getting your point across.  And you’ll do so with new found ease.  Your messages will become appealing, memorable and repeatable.  You’ll deliver the clarity that minds crave.

Learn How to Make Your Messages Brain-Friendly

In this fun, insightful presentation, a B2B branding expert will introduce you to the words that work in selling technology.  You’ll learn how to craft messages that fit the way the mind works.  You’ll learn powerful tools and proven techniques.  You’ll be inspired by dozens of examples of mind-riveting language from famous authors, playwrights, world leaders and global brands.  You’ll learn:

  • What kind of words are the fastest to enter the mind
  • How to create phrases that make even complex ideas immediately understandable
  • How to take advantage of the brain’s engrained thinking and memory patterns

Ideas You Can Use Right Away

You’ll be able to start using the ideas of this session right away.  This presentation could well change the way you talk, write, tweet and think.

Transform your sales message with words that work.



About the Presenter

Tech Marketer & Brand Builder

Roger Grant is a veteran brand builder for tech & B2B companies.

For more than 20 years Roger has made breakthrough technologies clear, understandable and approachable.  He has an uncanny knack for making complex ideas easy to understand and as a result, easier to buy.

Captivating Brand Names & Compelling Brand Stories

The President and Chief Brand Strategist of Identicor Marketing, Roger crafts captivating Brand Names and compelling Brand Stories for companies in dozens of market segments.

One of Canada’s most experienced naming consultants, Roger has created a wide range of Brand-Calibre Names for companies, products, services and technologies.  He considers the name Tecterra to be one of his greatest hits.

The Brand Stories that Roger authors capture the essence of product and service offerings in just a few words.  They accelerate the sales cycle and lead customers on the path to buy.

Mind-Riveting Messages

Roger has been crafting mind-riveting messages since he began his career as a broadcast journalist, where he learned the art and science of the sound bite.  Roger delivered radio newscasts and reported on a wide range of political and sports events.  He interviewed the man on the street and a host of high profile individuals including Brian Mulroney, John Turner, Peter Lougheed, Joe Clark, Jean Claude Killy and the Crazy Canucks.

Accomplished & Engaging Speaker

Roger is an accomplished and engaging speaker.  He holds national standing with CAPS, the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers.  His presentation style is entertaining, thought-provoking and interactive.  Roger draws powerful lessons from unexpected sources.  Every presentation is filled with novel insight and audience fun.

Invite Roger to speak at your next event.  Your audience will be glad you did.








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