Create a Compelling Brand Story


Grab Attention ==> Make Your Message Clear & Enticing ==> Lead Customers to Buy

Do visitors to your website instantly grasp the value you provide?

  • Or does it take too much work to connect the dots – and they anonymously drift away to one of your competitors with a clearer sales pitch?

  • When you tell a prospect what you do, are they automatically attracted to do business with you – or is their response lukewarm and non-committal?

Most Businesses Struggle to Tell a Clear Story

  • Are you frustrated with how long it takes for customers to “get it” ?

  • Are you searching for the right words to capture what your company is about?

  • Are you attracting enough high quality prospects?

  • Are less qualified competitors taking business that should have been yours?

But You Don’t Have to Anymore

The Brand Story Breakthrough Workshop transforms how you talk, write and even think about your business.

It gives you a powerful, proven formula to create a new Brand Story that grabs customers’ attention and leads them to buy.

It frees you from futile attempts to explain your business with technical descriptions or baffling bullet points.

Instead you’ll create an engaging storyline based on the best practices of the world’s greatest novelists, storytellers and screenwriters.

You Will Learn

How to assess your current story – what’s worth keeping & what needs to be replaced

What content you must include in your new story – and what you should leave out

How to start the story – to pique interest & stir curiosity

The most effective order to present key information –the right idea presented at the wrong time is ineffective

How to end the story – to drive customers to take action

How to tell your story in different media – on your website, in print, in sales presentations, videos and at networking events

Your New Brand Story Will …

Immediately Grab Attention – by focusing on your customer’s needs from the opening line

Make Your Company Instantly Relevant – by positioning your products and services as proven solutions to your customer’s big problems

Create an Emotional Connection with Your Customers – by relating to their pain & frustration, and giving them hope for a better future

Make Your Value Crystal Clear – by describing the benefits you provide in simple potent language that customers immediately understand

Build Urgency to Do Business with You – by pointing out the high cost of not taking action now

Keep Your Message Strong & Simple – by focusing first on why the customer should buy, rather than the technical details of how you make it happen

Lead Customers to Buy – by guiding them on a thought path where the logical next step is to contact you to make a purchase


What’s My Investment?

What price are you paying now for having an unclear message? Trouble attracting prospects? Lack of customer engagement? The frustration of a slow sales cycle? Poor sales performance?

Customer confusion may be costing you a fortune. Invest in crafting a clear, compelling message.

Standard Rate $625

Advance Rate $425

On sale until June 14
or while tickets last

Early Bird Rate $345

On sale until May 29
or while tickets last

Buffet Lunch included.

Prices are in Canadian Dollars and do not include GST.

If you would like to lead your team through the Brand Story Breakthrough Workshop - call 403.685.2100 for pricing & scheduling information.


Who Should Attend?

The Brand Story Breakthrough Workshop provides valuable and practical insight for anyone who needs to write or present their company story

  • Leaders of Small & Mid-Sized Businesses

  • Marketing Staff & Executives

  • Sales Reps & Managers

  • Start Up Visionaries

  • Entrepreneurs

Workshop Schedule & Location


Wednesday June 19, 2019 - 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM

Workshop Location - Hotel Blackfoot
5940 Blackfoot Trail SE Calgary


Workshop attendees will be asked to provide testimonial quotes and participate in a video interview to promote future events.


Proven Effective in Dozens of Market Segments

The Brand Story Breakthrough Workshop is based on more than 20 years of brand consulting experience across dozens of industries and market segments.

The concepts and strategies you will learn have produced impressive sales and marketing results for tech, B2B and niche consumer enterprises.

The Brand Story Breakthrough is presented by Identicor Marketing, a boutique consulting firm that has been creating compelling Brand Stories and mind-riveting Brand Names since the mid 90s.

A Fun, Thought-Provoking Experience

The Brand Story Breakthrough Workshop is a fun, and thought-provoking experience led by master presenter and corporate storyteller Roger Grant.

Roger’s presentation style is engaging, entertaining and interactive. He draws powerful lessons from unexpected sources. Every presentation is filled with moments of laughter and captivating content.

You’ll learn powerful, practical ideas to advance your business. And you’ll have fun at the same time.


Roger Grant - Master Presenter & Corporate Storyteller


Enjoy a New Level of Confidence

After the Brand Story Breakthrough Workshop you’ll have enticing new messages for your website and sales presentations.  You’ll enjoy a new level of confidence and customer interest when you introduce your company at networking events.

With a clear, benefit-focused Brand Story your products and services will be more relevant and attractive to prospects.  You’ll accelerate the sales cycle.  All your marketing efforts will be more effective and profitable.