Presentation by Roger Grant

Calgary Marketing Association

Wednesday April 22, 2015
11:30 am - 1:00 pm

The Fairmont Palliser Hotel
133 9th Avenue SW

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Winning the Name Game

How the Right Brand Names Will Propel Your Company to Greater Prominence and Profitability

A Professional Naming Consultant Reveals Proven Strategies for Creating Brand-Calibre Names for Companies, Products and Processes

Names play a big role in your Brand’s success, or lack of it.  As your highest profile and most repeated marketing messages, company, product and service names exert a subtle but powerful influence in every customer encounter.

Names form crucial first impressions.  They shape how customers think and feel about your Brand.  They convey a sense of whether your products are high or low quality and how much they’re worth.  Names even influence how likely customers are to remember, talk or tweet about your company, products and processes.

With so much riding on your name choices, what does it take to win the name game?

In this entertaining and thought-provoking session, professional naming consultant Roger Grant will reveal proven strategies for creating brand-calibre company, product and service names.  He’ll explain the essential attributes names must have to grab attention and entice customers to buy.

Roger will discuss the naming of niche and global brands.  He’ll provide examples of names that make products market leaders and others that destine companies to obscurity.

You’ll also learn how to avoid common pitfalls that lead to substandard company or product titles – names that are confusing, position products as commodities or need extra support in all of your marketing efforts.

Be sure to attend this event so you can win the name game.

About the Presenter

Roger Grant is a corporate branding strategist and one of Canada’s very few professional naming consultants.  Roger is the Founder and Chief Brand Strategist of Identicor Marketing Inc., the only firm in western Canada that specializes in naming companies, products, services and technologies.

Roger has been crafting names for business-to-business and consumer enterprises since the late 1990s.  He specializes in creating names that grab attention, instantly tell a story and tap into the core essence of the brand.

Roger has worked with clients across North America on naming assignments in dozens of industry sectors.  He has been commissioned to name global corporations, high-tech products, real estate developments, elite technology research centres, and even a dumpster used on offshore drilling platforms.  Products that Roger has named can be found on every continent, with the bone-chilling exception of Antarctica.

A respected authority on naming, branding and marketing issues, Roger shares his insights as a keynote speaker, columnist and media commentator.  Roger is the publisher of Brandscapes, an e-newsletter on naming and branding issues.

Roger is an engaging and thought-provoking presenter.  He is a member of the Canadian Marketing Association and holds national accreditation with the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers.