Naming Is Pivotal to Your Success

Names have a big impact on your branding and business success, or the lack of it.

Names form crucial first impressions.  They shape how customers think and feel about your company and products.

Names exert a subtle but powerful influence in every one of the thousands of interactions customers have with your Brand each year.

Whether the influence is positive, negative or neutral depends on the quality of the name.

Names Are Not Created Equal

Some names unleash sales momentum.  They grab attention.  Make a strong statement.  They invite customers to learn more and entice them to buy.

Other names provide no benefit at.  They present a weak message, a non message or a message that confuses customers and sends them off in the wrong direction.

Capitalize on the Incredible Power of Naming

Identicor helps clients capitalize on the incredible power of naming.  We create names that get remembered and repeated – names that convey credibility and personality.

Where in the World
Do You Want to Do Business?

Identicor-developed names promote product sales on six continents.

Identicor-developed names promote product sales on six continents.

Identicor is the only firm in western Canada that specializes in naming companies, products, services and technologies

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