Roger Grant Speaking Videos

Does your group like to be educated and entertained at the same time?  Are you looking for a branding speaker who makes complex ideas simple and practical?

Discover how Roger Grant could be the perfect fit for your next event.

Engaging Presentation Style

Humour & Compelling Content

Discover Roger's engaging presentation style in this customized opening for CAPS Calgary (Canadian Association of Professional Speakers) - Run Time 4:31

Roger's presentations combine moments of laughter with bold graphics and compelling content.  His audiences learn and have fun at the same time - Run Time 1:01

Unexpected Discoveries

Roger has a proven knack for finding powerful insights in unexpected places.  Find out what every brand can learn from broccoli - Run Time 1:23

Insights for Big & Small Brands

All of Roger's presentations feature strategic, timeless concepts that are vital to every brand from day-one start-ups to global corporations - Run Time 3:35

Persuasive Practical Lessons

The content in Roger's presentations is persuasive and practical.  He asks penetrating questions that lead to immediate action steps - Run Time 3:54

Captivating Stories

Roger tells captivating and memorable stories that apply on a personal and professional level.  This story is about the best branding lesson he ever learned - Run Time 2:32

Real World Examples

Roger provides much more than theoretical ideas. He shares potent real world examples drawn from 20+ years of experience as a branding consultant - Run Time 3:22

Powerful Visual Presentation

In addition to providing thought-provoking ideas, Roger's presentations capture audience attention with alluring on-screen graphics and props - Run Time 4:39

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