Are You Getting the Attention & Respect You Deserve?

Are your company’s accomplishments and capabilities well known in your industry?  Or are you the best kept secret?

Do customers understand the full value you provide and what makes you different from your competitors?  Or do they treat you like a commodity and constantly grind you on price?

How long does it take for a prospect to "get" what you do?  Does the light bulb go on immediately?  Or is it a long agonizing process?

If you offer great products and services, but are still undiscovered and underappreciated, it’s time to strengthen your brand.

Move from Bland to Brand

Identicor elevates B2B and tech companies to bona fide brand status.  We help solid businesses break out of the background and claim center stage in their industry – even if they operate in an extremely technical field or have done only limited marketing in the past.

Capture More Mind Share & Market Share

Identicor is a boutique consulting firm that creates

  • Captivating Brand Names that get companies and products talked about
  • Compelling Brand Stories that lead customers to buy

Identicor helps clients capture more mind share and market share.  We’ve been polishing and perfecting our craft since the mid 90s.