Are You Winning the Name Game?

Naming is a high stakes activity.  Names are so much more than just identity labels.  If you choose the right type of names for your company and products, you can give your business an enormous competitive advantage.

Sadly, few executives or entrepreneurs have a solid grasp of what separates a brilliant name from an underachiever.  They send their products to market with substandard titles only to watch them struggle along in obscurity.

Realize the Amazing Potential of Naming

Identicor helps clients realize the amazing potential of naming.  As the only firm in western Canada that specializes in naming companies, products and technologies, Identicor leads .....

Identicor has been guiding B2B, technology and niche consumer enterprises to naming success since the mid 1990s.

Professional Naming Services

  • Are You Launching a New Company, Product or Service?
    Identicor creates attention-grabbing names that tell a story and build buying demand
  • Do You Need an Objective Opinion on a List of Potential Names?
    Identicor conducts professional Name Assessments that give you a clear view of each name’s strengths and weaknesses before you go to market
  • Do You Have a Name Portfolio that Confuses Customers?
    Identicor can give you clarity with a Brand Architecture audit and recommendations
  • Do You Want to Test Names for Foreign Language Faux Pas?
    Identicor can provide a definitive language analysis to spare you from embarrassing mistakes in overseas markets
  • Is it Time to Rebrand?  Are You Considering a Corporate Name Change?
    Identicor has guided many companies through all steps of the rebranding process – from finding the right new name to introducing the new corporate title to customers, staff, investors and other stakeholders

Let’s Start the Conversation

Do you have a new company or product that needs a brand-caliber name?  Are you curious about how professional naming services can help your company?  What naming challenges are you grappling with?

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