How Does the Name Rank on a Scale of 1 to 10?

As you look at a list of potential names for your company or product, how do you rank them?  What makes one name an 8 and another a 3?  How do you decide what name to choose?

Sadly, most naming decisions are based not on a thorough understanding of the vital success factors for names, but on uninformed gut instinct.  The all-too-common result is a mediocre name that feels comfortable, but has serious hidden flaws.

Is the Name a Star or an Underperformer?

It’s only after you present the name to the market that the deficiencies come to light.  Only then do you learn that the name is an underperformer and not the sales springboard that you were hoping for.

And then you have to make a decision.  Do you keep the name and continually pour extra money into marketing to compensate for the weak title?  Or do you go to the trouble and expense of rebranding?

But what if you could escape the hidden flaw hassles?  What if you could know in advance what names on your list have star potential and which names are destined to flop?  Fortunately you can.

Know Name Strength in Advance

Identicor’s Professional Name Assessments provide you with in-depth analysis of name strengths and weaknesses.  They give you a comprehensive understanding of each name’s positive qualities and flaws, so you can see if you have a winning name or need to keep looking.

In-depth Analysis of Vital Success Factors

A Professional Name Assessment takes name ranking out of the subjective realm of personal preference and makes it objective and scientific.  Names are evaluated and given a numeric ranking in 11 vital categories.

  • Meaning – What message does the name convey?  A strategic idea that leads customers to buy?  A confusing point that leaves them guessing?  Or some irrelevant concept they simply ignore?
  • Distinctiveness – Does the name stand out as unique in the marketplace?  Is it easily confused with competing products?  Is it easy or impossible to find in a Google search?  Does the name infringe on another company’s trademark?
  • Memorability – Is the name easy or difficult to remember?  Does it activate any of the brain’s innate memory triggers?  Or would you have to bombard customers with the name for years to get it to register?
  • Web & Social Footprint – How does the name fare for web address and social media availability?  Can you get as an original registration or as an aftermarket purchase?  What Facebook profile name and Twitter handle could you use?  Are there any other companies using the name now?
  • Positioning – What type of market position does the name claim for the product?  Does the name create bargain basement connotations or does it convey top quality perceptions?  Does the name have the strength to command higher fees?
  • Word Structure – Is the name short and concise or long and unwieldy?  Does it respect or violate the Law of Syllables?  Does it have any awkward letter combinations or problematic syllables?
  • Phonetics – How does the name sound?  Does it flow smoothly?  Is it pleasing to pronounce?  Does the sound structure fit or clash with the product it is supposed to represent?
  • Imagery & Emotion – Does the name project any pictures in the customer’s mind or merely present a bland gray canvass?  Does it stir any emotions that will entice customers to buy?
  • Pronunciation – Is the name easy to say?  On seeing the name for the first time, will people pronounce it correctly with confidence?  Will they hesitate or even avoid saying the name?  Or might they come up with some bizarre alternate pronunciations?
  • Spelling – If you told someone the name and then asked them to write it down, what string of letters would end up on the page?  Would the spelling be easy and obvious?  Would spelling issues make your website hard to find and result in misdirected emails and missed leads?
  • Growth Potential – Does the name have the right qualities to gain fame and spark sales?  Does the name have the cachet to spread through word of mouth?  Does it draw customers into the story of why they should buy?

In addition to providing vital insight for naming new products or ventures, Professional Name Assessments are also extremely valuable for firms considering a corporate name change or for companies determining their post-merger identity.

Get a Professional Opinion

Do you have a list of candidate names and want to know which names have the best brand potential?  Do you need an objective professional opinion on an existing company name?

“If Socrates was correct - and the unexamined life isn’t worth living - is the unexamined name worth launching?”
— Roger Grant, Chief Brand Strategist, Identicor
“The name assessment gave us the information we needed upfront, before we launched our new brand. It helped us leverage the strengths of our new name and fill in with extra messaging where it needed support.”
— Kelly Sansom, former Director Communications & Marketing, Innovate Calgary

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