How Will the Name Perform in the Marketplace?

When you launch your new product what do you want customers to think and feel?  Where do you want to lead them?  What perceptions do you want to create?

Since it will be the first thing customers learn about your product, you’ll want to be sure the name makes the right impression.

What Impression Will the Name Make?

But what impression will the name make?  How will it perform in the arena of the customer’s mind and emotions?

Will the name direct their thoughts where you expect?  Will it capture their imagination?  Will they pronounce the name properly?  Will the name make them eager to talk and tweet about your product?  Or will they find it boring, hard to pronounce and easy to forget?

How can you tell if a name will take off or crash before you hit the launch button?  Do you just cross your fingers, hold your breath and hope for the best?

Market Research for Names

You don’t have to live by blind faith.  Identicor’s 1-on-1 Market Research Interviews give you in-depth understanding of how names will perform in the marketplace.

Give us a shortlist of names and we’ll give you a clear picture of what names mean to customers in your target market.  We’ll help you identify which names are the strongest candidates and which names should fall off the list.

You’ll see where the names take customers’ thoughts as they see them for the first time.  And you’ll learn which names are customer favorites.

Using a structured and disciplined research process, the 1-on-1 interviews test names for:

  • Pronunciation - Do people pronounce the name correctly when they see it for the first time?  Are any mispronunciations serious or minor?
  • Meaning - What do the names mean to customers?  Does the name "fit" the product?  Does the name trigger any negative associations?
  • Ranking - What names on the shortlist do customers like best?

With the insight from in-depth analysis and word-for-word interview transcripts, you’ll be equipped to select the top performing name for your new product.


What Kind of Results
Have Clients Realized?


Identicor-developed names have proven instrumental in helping clients:

  • Command higher prices
  • Claim ownership of a lucrative new product category
  • Attract international business partners
  • Make customers smile
  • Secure prestigious new reference accounts
  • Project compelling credibility as a start-up, even when going head-to-head with Fortune 500 competitors

The 1-on-1 interviews also allow you to involve staff members and outside stakeholders in the name selection process, generating enthusiasm, commitment and buy in.

Do You Want to Know What Your Customers Think?

Do you have a shortlist of potential names?  Would you like to find out if any of the names have fatal flaws?  Would you like to know what customers think about the names before you make the final pick?

Call Identicor today to learn more about 1-on-1 Market Research Interviews.  We look forward to being of assistance.

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