How Solid Is Your Naming Architecture?

Brand names, like skyscrapers, need solid architecture to stand tall and strong.

Faulty naming architecture confuses customers and undermines your credibility.  It places unnecessary obstacles in the sales process and stifles business growth.

Common Name Architecture Problems

Name architecture problems are actually quite widespread.  Does your company suffer from any of these symptoms?

  • Your Company Name Gets in the Way of Product Sales – Companies grow and evolve over time.  They expand their product lines, move into new market segments and embrace new technology.  Frequently the company name that was a perfect fit at the start up stage doesn’t have enough elasticity to encompass the new areas of enterprise.  Instead of bolstering customer confidence the name actually injects doubt.  Does the Analogue Widgets Company really have the expertise to create an earth-shattering iPhone app?
  • Your Name Portfolio Confuses Customers – Does your company offer a large number of products?  Do the product names play nicely with each other?  Are they complementary?  Or are they all over the place?  Are there personality clashes between names?  Extreme discord in a naming portfolio breeds bewilderment.  Bewildered customers do not buy.
  • Your Key Products Aren’t Getting the Attention They Deserve – If you give different products names that look alike and sound alike, you’re making life difficult for yourself and for your customers.  Products with lookalike names struggle to get the attention they deserve.  And when they finally do get noticed, customers have to exert far too much effort to keep the details straight.  Let’s say you’re in the market for a high end digital SLR camera.  How much extra time and energy would be needed for you to discuss and compare the Canon 7D with the Canon 70D than if they had distinct names?  The names are close to identical, which does a great disservice to two outstanding products.

Get an Objective View of Your Name Portfolio

Is your company ensnared in any of these pitfalls?  Would you like to avoid them in the future?  A Brand Architecture Audit will give you a clear objective view of your current name portfolio.  The Audit will assess the growth elasticity of your current company and product names, and identify any trouble spots.

Valuable Input for New Product Lines

The Audit also provides valuable input as you plan new product lines.  If you’re moving into a new product category, should new products be closely tied to the company name or be kept independent?  Should the names follow an existing naming theme or should they break new ground?  What kind of relationship should there be between your product lines if they're being marketed to different customer segments?

A clear Brand Architecture bolsters your credibility and helps lead customers along the path to buy.

Do You Need Brand Architecture Assistance?

Do you have a large portfolio of product names?  Are you planning a new product line?  Have customers ever told you your names are confusing?

Call Identicor today to discuss a Brand Architecture Audit engagement.  We look forward to being of assistance.

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