Is it Time to Rebrand?

Have you outgrown your company name?  Does your current name misrepresent your firm by sending a weak or out of date message? 

Has the name become a burden?  Is it time to make a change?

High Stakes Undertaking

If you have the right strategy and plan, rebranding your company could be the smartest move you ever make.  A corporate name change can pave the way to a much more prosperous future.

But rebranding is a high stakes undertaking with many potential pitfalls.  You can’t just slap a new name on the company and expect growth to follow.  The new title must be the right type of name, one that delivers a strategic message that entices customers.

And you’ll need a comprehensive plan to ensure the new name inherits the positive brand equity of your original title.  You need the services of an experienced guide.

Specializing in Rebranding

Identicor specializes in leading organizations through the rebranding process.  Since the late 90s Identicor has successfully guided companies in more than a dozen market segments to solid and appealing new identities.

Identicor Rebranding Services cover all steps of the rebranding process

  • Assessing the strengths & weaknesses of current titles, and identifying growth opportunities for a new name
  • Crafting a new brand-caliber name
  • Creating buy-in among company leaders & staff
  • Introducing the new corporate title to customers, staff, investors and other stakeholders
  • Planning & executing a New Name Transition Plan to speed customer acceptance and build brand value in the new title

Leverage Identicor’s valuable expertise to guide your name change initiative.

Are You Grappling with Some Identity Issues?

Are you wondering about changing your company name?  Would you like to know what steps to take and how to make the process as painless as possible?

Call Identicor today to start the conversation.  We look forward to providing you with expert guidance.

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