Are You Launching a New Company or Product?

Are you about to enter the market with a new company, product, service or technology?  What should you name it?

What Kind of Impression Do You Want to Make?
You’re probably looking for a name that will make a great impression the first time your customers encounter it, and in the thousands of times they’ll see in it over years and even decades to come.

If you’re intent on making this new venture all that it can possibly be, you’ll want a name that has the potential of becoming a dominant brand in your industry.  It must be the right type of name.  Not just any name will do.

How Long Until Launch?
How soon do you want to launch?  When do you want to start your promotional efforts?  Probably just as soon as the name is decided, which needs to be fast.

Great names don’t appear by accident.  They develop from having a solid strategy.  The name needs to fit the product and your ideal customer group.  It needs to do more than just “sound good.”  It needs to contribute to your strategic goals and bolster your position in a competitive marketplace.

Steer Clear of These Common & Serious Problems
And you’ll want a name that doesn’t embarrass you, position your product as a low value commodity or draw you into expensive and time-consuming trademark trouble.

When you think about the criteria for the new name, the list is long and perhaps a bit daunting.  How will you come up with a name that hits the mark?  Do your team members have the necessary language skills, marketing savvy and the in-the-trenches naming experience to pull it off?

Do You Have the Time & Skills to Do It Yourself?
Do they have an extra few weeks worth of time available to brainstorm ideas, craft potential names, research website availability, do Google searches and check on trademarks?

If you’re looking for a name that conveys the same level of quality and professionalism that you put into developing your products and services – and you want to decide on the name in a timely fashion – it probably makes sense for you to enlist professional naming assistance.

Identicor Specializes in Name Development
This is the work that Identicor specializes in – leading projects that result in brand-caliber names for companies, products, services and technologies.  Here’s a quick overview of the phases in a name creation engagement:

  • Strategy & Criteria Development – What are the business objectives for the new company, product, service or technology?  What’s the competitive landscape?  What message should the name convey?  What emotions should it evoke?  What style of name feels like the best fit?
  • Name Crafting – Based on the project strategy and the criteria for the name, Identicor creates scores and scores of potential names and then conducts thorough research on each candidate name
  • Website Address Research – What URL options are available?  Is available as an initial registration, or perhaps as an aftermarket acquisition?  How about other domain extensions or adding a suffix?
  • Internet Usage Research – What kind of Google footprint does each name have?  How many matching pages on a Google search?  How is the name being used now?
  • Trademark Research – How much trademark space is available for each name?  Is it wide open, a little constricted or jam packed?
  • 1-on-1 Market Research Interviews – What do people in the target market think about the final shortlist of names?  Are the names easy to pronounce?  (More details appear below)
  • Foreign Language Disaster Checks – For clients operating in overseas markets Identicor tests names for any offensive messages that would sully the brand (More details appear below)
  • Name Selection – Based on all the factors involved Identicor guides client teams to confident, informed decisions

Identicor has led dozens of naming projects to successful conclusion over the past 20 years – on time and on budget.

Can We Help You With Your Naming Project?

“Our new name is more
than a company title, it’s our own brandable
chunk of DNA”
— Royce Howland - Cospring
“I’ve been through dozens of naming projects, Identicor’s was the best
I’ve ever seen.”
— Chris Ollenberger, P.Eng. ICD.D. Quantum Place Developments
“Brilliant - a masterstroke!”
— David Higgins - Pathway Connectivity Inc.
“Identicor moved
our company
image upscale”
— Susan Bullard - Vivarri Inc

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