Will the Name Support or Sabotage Your Success in Foreign Markets?

It's easier than ever to enter foreign markets and sell your products across the globe.  Set up a new website and you can instantly present your message to the entire world.

But it's also easier than ever to shoot yourself in the foot by making a foreign language faux pas.  If you unwittingly present a product name that’s offensive or demeaning in other languages, you’ll sabotage your own success.  Potential customers will want nothing to do with your product.

Avoid the Language Trap

Don’t fall into the trap that has ensnared countless other companies.  Like the oil and gas firm whose name means “in the can, locked away in prison” in Latin American Spanish.  Or the TV set maker whose name means “manufacturing defects” in Italian.

Be Sure You Know What You're Saying

Before you introduce a name into overseas markets contract Identicor to perform a Foreign Language Disaster Check. It will help you steer clear of embarrassing mistakes that sabotage sales and are expensive to fix.

Identicor's Disaster Check services test names in scores of languages all across the globe, gathering insights from native speakers who still live in the culture.  Find out what you don’t know so you can stride with confidence onto the global stage.  There's no need to risk becoming a laughingstock.

Give Yourself Foreign Language Peace of Mind

Are you entering new markets?  Do you want to be sure that your name isn’t a foreign language embarrassment waiting to happen?

Call Identicor today to discuss a Foreign Language Disaster Check.  We look forward to being of assistance.

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